Ms. Gokturk



Singularity at 2045 Writing Challenge


You read the Time Magazine article, Lev Grossman’s “2045: The year Man Becomes Immortal.”  You annotated it.  You read “I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream.”  You previewed many links about AI.  Now imagine:  what if any of these scenarios could happen?


YOUR TASK: Write an excerpt from a longer story that is inspired by Kurzweil’s theory of Singularity.  Your final piece must be at least TWO pages, single spaced, formatted in LANDSCAPE and TWO COLUMNS.  Please have only a title and byline below it. See the dialogue model.


  1. Choose a main character and establish what your protagonist wants.  For example:
    1. A scientist involved in creating AI
    2. Raymond Kurzweil
    3. An average person
    4. A super intelligent computer
    5. An object in nature
    6. Someone/something else?
  2. Choose a time
    1. Pre-singularity
    2. Post-singularity
    3. Some other future point
  3. Develop the setting using at least one element addressed/predicted in the article or websites. For example: brain implants, no more aging/immortality, downloading humans into computers, the life-death-religion relationship, resurrecting the dead, neural implants, silicon as the new “organic,” who is selected for immortality/how,  robots in the job market, relationships with AI, or find another place for inspiration within the material covered.
  4. Create an opposing character / force to your protagonist. What does he/she/it want and how does this create a challenge/obstacle for your protagonist? (You may refer to the above list if helpful.)
  5. Write your excerpt.  It should illustrate your characters in conflict in your setting.  Remain true to your character and/or narrator. Stick to one geographical place; avoid large time jumps.
  6. Use descriptive writing and dialogue.  It is recommended that you avoid “journal format.”  Rather, select one specific time and place and let your story unfold from there. Flashbacks work well.