Technology Short Stories Poster!


YOUR TASK: Create and educational poster that teaches the stories to an onlooker, which uses specific examples from the works in a graphically pleasing outcome. 


Be sure to include a title, all the member names, an illustration of some sort, a clear thesis, a graphically easy to follow layout, text based evidence (direct quotes or paraphrases) + ANALYSIS / EXPLANATION.


Include at least three of the following works from the technology unit:

·        “I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream”

·        “Adam and No Eve”

·        “The Nine Billion Names of God”

·        2001: A Space Odyssey


I.                   Create a thesis statement for your group’s category

II.                Support it using specific examples from the works. Provide at least two examples from each work for each assertion statement you make. Aim for a complex analysis.

III.             Organize your analysis in an easy to follow and graphically pleasing poster. Neatness counts!



  1. Examine how the works illustrate the perils of technology. Be specific in your analysis and examples.
  2. Cozy Catastrophe? Are there elements that reveal a group of people banding together to cope with the end? Explain. Be specific in your analysis and examples.
  3. Ourobouros? Explain how the works illustrate cycles of destruction and creation. Be specific in your analysis and examples.
  4. Evolution? Explain how the works fit into the greater context of evolution. What does it mean to evolve? How do the works support or refute this? Be specific in your analysis and examples.
  5. Common ground. What common elements do the works share and for what purpose / message? Be specific in your analysis and examples. Please look beyond that fact that these are all end of the world narratives. Consider: POV, building, maintaining/creating/destroying civilization, hope, etc.
  6. The Last Man Motif. How and why is the last man motif developed? Be sure to analyze what purpose it serves to the narrative’s purpose.
  7. The Future? What depiction of the future do the works paint? And /or: What are the warnings the stories present? Look beyond simply the perils of technology?




***Remember, there may be differences between the works. While you are searching for common ground between the works, sometimes the more interesting analysis develops how the works also differ.