Ms. Gokturk

Trends in Literature


Outside Reading: The Reader Response Log


As part of your trends in literature outside reading assignment, you are responsible to keep a read response log.


Why do I have to do this?

As a student of writing, your job is to observe what works and doesnít work in the narrative. You should also connect to the book by thinking about its influence or how you can relate to it. Also, this demonstrates active reading.


How much is this worth?

This will be worth a project grade (100 points).


Whereshould I keep this reader response log?

It is preferred that you hand write your log. You may use loose-leaf or another notebook.


What do I need to write?

For each chapter, you should have a two part entry:


PART I: Summarize the content of what you read. This serves as a guideline for Ms. G to grasp what you are reading.


PART II: React to what you read. There are several ways to do this:

1.       Analyze the themes and how they are being developed in your book.

2.       Discuss the characterization of significant characters. In other words, how has the author portrayed them and why?

3.       Discuss the imagery the author uses. What pictures do you see?

4.       Analyze symbols. What has the author used to reinforce themes?

5.       Copy down significant passages and explain their importance.

6.       Write a memory or experience of your own that is similar to something youíve read in your book.

7.       Make a list of questions you have for the author or in general (that are related to the content of the book). Keep a couple of pages blank and add to the list as you read.

8.       Analyze the point of view utilized. How does this add or detract to the theme? Is the authorís methodology successful?

9.       Become one of the characters in your book and write a letter or poem from that characterís point of view. Choose your audience.

10.   Write an interview between you and the main character of the book, question and answer format.

11.   Illustrate a scene or draw a map or symbol that reflects a section of the book. Provide a written analysis to explain why this is important.

12.   Before you finish the book, make a prediction about how you think it will end. What makes you think this? Cite examples from the text to support your thesis.

13.   Do you think the title of this book is a good one? Why or why not? Please explain as thoroughly as possible. What might be a better title?

14.   Imagine you are one of the characters in the story. Write a diary entry that reflects your thoughts and feelings about an event in your life.


How many entries do I need?

Have an entry for each chapter. If your chapters are really long or short, write an entry for every 25-30 pages.