Ms. Gokturk

Trends in Literature


Reading Schedule: Planet of the Apes


Please have the following pages completed by each of the following dates. Please understand that absences are not excuses for being unprepared; you are expected to be prepared for every class you attend and make up the work for any class missed within two days. In the event of a snow day or my absence, you MUST check my website ( or ) for messages and updates on the reading schedule.


The semester will end very quickly and we have to keep up the pace! I have provided the letter day in case of a snow day we will have to change the dates. All students are responsible to be prepared even if he/she has been absent. [If you had a serious reason for not being able to keep up, please have a parent write a note.]


Reading Number + Pages     For Trends 12 & 13               For Trends 11

                                                Due Date/Day Letter                        Due Date/Day Letter


  1. pages 3-35                   November 7     A                     November 6     F


  1. pages 37-75                 November 8     B                      November  8    B


  1. pages 77-110               November 13   D                     November  14  E


  1. pages 111-138             November 14   E                      November  14  E


  1. pages 139-177             November 16   A                     November  15  F


  1. pages 179-216             November 19   B                      November 19   B


  1. pages 217-268             November 21   D                     November 20   C