Ms. Gokturk

Trends in Lit


“A Pail of Air” Zones

Use the large paper you were given to answer with thought. Complete this part on your own.


Identify each of the four characters and describe each. What is each person’s role?  Why are there no names?


Find an example of imagery and write out the passage. What purpose does this passage serve?


Find/quote a passage of/ a symbol from the story and explain it. 


Draw a picture of something that struck you while reading. A scene or a description of something.

THEME. Select a passage that best illustrates the author’s message about how humans should live.  Write out the passage and then explicate it.

What course motif/s appear? Explain with specifics.

What questions/observations do you have? Write one or two questions or observations here.


Trade papers with a peer and try to answer/comment their question/observations. Also comment on their selection and analysis of passages. Sign your name here.




Pair Work

 “The Nine Billion Names of God”

Compare this story with either “The Book of Genesis,” “the Last Flower” or “Adam and No Eve.”  Create a T chart or a Venn Diagram on the second paper you were given to compare and contrast them.  Analyze:






Course motifs


Find a way to illustrate in some way your point/s. Please put both your names on it.