Ms. Gokturk                                                   

End of the World


How do you solve a problem like overpopulation?


Imagine a future jam-packed with people, where food, space, air, water, and other resources have been maxed out.  There are many problems we would face… How  would “we” try to solve the problem of overpopulation?  Or the food shortage? Or the space shortage? You get the idea.  How would the individual cope in this world?  How would he / she live? Imagine this future.


YOUR TASK:  Write a TWO PAGE (minimum) excerpt to your larger story.  Your goal is to create a world in which overpopulation has forced your character into a difficult situation.

  1. Contemplate the problems of overpopulation and how people would try to fix it and/or cope with it. Be creative.
  2. Create a main character. Choose a point of view.
  3. Have a clear opposing force. What does this character face as obstacles?
  4. Create a vivid setting. Choose a very specific time and place and do not leave this place except through flashback.
  5. How will you tell your story?  First or third person?  Avoid Journal entries, please. Stick to one time and place. Use descriptive language.  Do not TELL, please SHOW.  Use all your senses.





Please write at least TWO pages single spaced.


This paper was formatted by going to PAGE LAYOUT à Orientation à Select landscape. Just like this page. 


Select all and Click on Columns = 2.


Times New Roman 11-12 font.


No spaces between paragraphs; please use tab key to indent new paragraphs.  [If you have those pesky extra spaces between paragraphs, go to Page Layout and change SPACING AFTER to 0.]


No page numbers.





Please proofread your work!