Ms. Gokturk

Trends in Literature


Outside Reading Small Group Discussion Preparation

(25 HW points)


You will be placed in small groups with others who have read similar works. You will be given an assignment to help drive your discussion, and you must come to the table prepared. Complete the following questions on loose-leaf or typed.


  1. GENRE. Is this an apocalyptic text or a utopian/dystopian text? Explain why with some detail from the text. (In bullet form OK.)
  2. PLOT. Prepare a plot summary of the entire book (roughly one long paragraph).
  3. CHARACTERIZATION. List the major characters. For each, detail how he or she (or it!) is characterized. Consider what the character
    1. looks like
    2. acts like
    3. says
    4. what others say or how they react to the character
    5. what the character does to help support the theme(s) of the novel and/or the readerís general impression of the character
  4. THEME. Choose three (3) significant passages that best illustrate the authorís message.
    1. Write the passages out in their completion with page numbers.
    2. Explain how each supports the themes of the novel.


Please be sure to have the book with you in class for the discussion. (10 points every day!)