Ms. Gokturk

Oryx and Crake


Crake’s Big Plan: What if ?


Snowman has the gift of hindsight. He has the opportunity to look back on his life and experiences with Crake and kick himself for not having seen the clues earlier. He asks himself, what would have happened if he had killed Crake earlier? (276). It is always easier to look back and see the big picture. The clues seem obvious to Snowman now. Could he have seen them coming? What if Jimmy had done something, anything What could he have done?


YOUR TASK: Work in literary groups and find the clues Crake left. Explain chronologically Crake’s plan or what helped to form this plan. In many ways, it was a perfect storm. Create a pie chart, T chart, or flow chart (or some other graphic organizer) to illustrate your findings.


I.                    Consider the following major areas of Crake’s world. Find the evidence!

II.                 Explain the significance for each as it relates to his master plan.

III.               Then, for each, consider what Jimmy could have said, done, changed….


Childhood / family relationships / history

Games / sites / porn

Treatment of animals


His “experiments”





Refrigerator magnets before and after