NAME: __________________________ ††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† NOTEBOOK RUBRIC



Exemplary (A) 9-10

Meets Expectations (B) 8

Needs Improvement (C) 7

Needs Much Improvement (D) 6 & below

GENERAL: Number of required entries present.This includes all class notes, class work, & homework assignments. Entries are neatly written in the notebook. (x 4)

All are present

Missing 1-2

Missing 3-4

Missing 5 or more

DEVELOPMENT of ENTRIES: Written assignments (HW & Journals) have been developed to reveal complete ideas. Examples, details, quotes, and vivid descriptions make these entries come to life. Reader is not left hanging. Class notes contain all materials discussed in class plus personal input. (x 2)

Entries go beyond basics

All the basics are covered

Nearly all the basics are covered but not very thoroughly

Entries are largely undeveloped

ORGANIZATION: Entries are clearly labeled with the appropriate heading: date, title, HW # or Journal # if appropriate. Entries are easy to locate because they are written in a logical sequence.


Reader can locate desired notes immediately

Reader may have some difficulty locating desired notes

Many notes are difficult to locate

Notes are not labeled and very difficult to locate

NOTE TAKING STRATEGIES*: Student has developed clear and effective note taking strategies including visual organizers, asking questions, and diagrams. * (x 1)

Notes go beyond what was on the blackboard

Notes cover everything that was on blackboard

Some notes may be missing

Many notes are missing

EFFORT & IMPROVEMENT: Overall visible effort and commitment made to the writerís notebook. Neatness counts! This is a learnerís tool.

(x 2

Anyone could pick up this NB and use it to study for a test

The student will most likely be able to use as a study aid

There isnít enough effort here to create a learnerís tool

This is not a learnerís tool


Remember: The best notes are those that not only include what has been presented on the blackboard, but go beyond. THINK. Include your thoughts, observations, questions.