“The Masque of the Red Death” Activities (10 points)

Complete for HW if you didn’t have a chance to finish during class


OPTION 1 (solo or group)

Choose ONE of the characters from below and write a retelling of the events from that character’s POV. Be sure to include setting, theme, mood, and symbols (seven rooms, the colors, and the ebony clock, Prince Prospero, Red Death). Have a little fun.

    1. Prince Prospero
    2. One of the Prince’s guests
    3. One of the peasants locked out of the castle
    4. The Red Death


OPTION 2 Only for the artsy (solo)

Choose a scene to illustrate. Cite the passage on the illustration.


OPTION 3 Only for the dramatic (groups)

Create a reenactment of a specific scene in the story based on the POV assigned. Each group member must have a part.


OPTION 4 Poem (solo)

Write a Found Poem or a poem inspired by the story.