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Ishi the Last Yahi Video Questions

Stewart's choice of the name Isherwood (or Ish as he calls him) for his main character is an anthropological reference to Ishi, a Yahi Indian (a subset of the Yana) who emerged from the California wilderness in 1911, when his people were all but extinct; he was the last member of his tribe. Stewart might also have been referring to the Hebrew word Ish, meaning "person" or "man."

As you watch the 60 minute video (“American Expereince: Ishi The Last Yahi”), please answer the following on loose-leaf.

  1. How was Ishi “discovered”?
  2. Who was Alfred Kroeber?
  3. Describe what happened to Ishi’s family.
  4. This is a survivor tale. What parallels can you draw with our fictional Ish?