Story Elements

Noah OR Gilgamesh (pick one)

Myth #1

Myth #2

Name of Hero




Cause of the Flood

Man is wicked; God is regretful for having created man



Flood Intended for?

Wicked man



Means of Announcement

God warns him and tells him how to build an ark



Hero Warns Others?

Tries but everyone thinks hes crazy



Duration of Flood

40 days and 40 nights



Extent of the Flood




Hero is Saved Because

He is righteous.



Vessel Description

Several stories high



Whos On Board?

Seed of all things, 2 of every animal, Noah and family



Flood Ends

Ark is stuck on mountain top



Test to Find Land

Raven and doves are sent out. Dove returns with olive branch and last dove never returns because it found land



Flood Aftermath

Emerge and procreate



Creation Elements

Mankind is revived



Other elements?