Name: ______________________ Title of Project: ______________________


Self Assessment for the Trends Project


Do you think the project demonstrates the amount of time and effort expected?


Yes No







Are you pleased with your project?


Yes No








You were given four weeks to complete this project. You were excused from other homework tasks during that time. It was expected that you would spend those homework hours on your project (or more). This roughly translates to 10-12 hours.


Based on the amount work time expected (10-12 hours), I would grade myself ______________ / 100.








Your project was expected to provide a warning about a current problem or human trait. You were expected to incorporate course motifs with thought to develop your point. You were expected to develop a descriptive post-apocalyptic or dystopian setting.


Based on the amount of effort expected, I would I would grade myself ______________ / 100.







Do you think you had too much, not enough time, or the right amount of time to complete the project? Explain.



Which, if any, of the peer workshops did you find most helpful? Why?




What would you change/add/subtract about the peer workshops?





The best part of my project is:




I am least happy with this part of my project:




Given a similar project in the future, what would you change?





What tips can you give Ms. Gokturk for future students completing this project?

In other words, how can she structure this better or add/subtract steps for better results?







Other comments?