Ms. Gokturk YOUR NAME: ____________________________

Trends in Literature



DIRECTIONS: All students will be asked to read at least FOUR peers’ works and complete the following feedback sheet for each. Please read the work that appears directly BEFORE yours in the class magazine and the one that appears directly AFTER yours from students NOT IN YOUR LIT GROUP. You may randomly select the third and fourth student pieces to critique. Each is worth 10 points. The more thoughtful your responses, the more likely you are to receive full credit. Be honest. The writer will not see your responses.


I reviewed the project, “___________________________________,”

by _________________________________.


My general reaction / first impression about the piece is:





I had the following questions / comments:





Does the piece fit the course? If the course’s content were an anthology, would this piece fit in with the rest? Why or why not? Would it enhance the themes and/or add to the body of knowledge?







Do you think the project demonstrates the amount of time and effort expected? Yes No








Based on the amount of time and effort expected for the project, I would grade this project :_________ because





Other comments?