Ms. Gokturk                                                                           

Trends in Literature

Entropy In-Class Essay Assignment


YOUR TASK: Write an essay that explores an aspect of our entropy unit!  Write about one, two or all three works in your essay: The Time Machine (novel), “The Heat Death of the Universe” (short story), and/or “The Hollow Men” (poem).   Make use of a wide variety of specific text based evidence to support your complex, fresh, and interesting position.


Your thesis should be a specific and arguable position. 


You will have one class period to write the essay.  It will be graded as such; however, if you would like to prepare your position statement, outline, and text based evidence ahead of time, you may.  Your essay will be submitted to at the end of the period/school day.  Following are some ideas to get you thinking about your essay topic.  Please choose something that appeals to you.


Idea Bank for Two or More Works:

  1. Explore how imbalanced societies cannot last. 
  2. Explore an idea/definition/allusion introduced from Zoline’s text and use it to analyze the works.
  3. Demonstrate how is the theme of entropy used to develop a bigger idea.
  4. Select one passage from one work to use as a base for analyzing the other/s.
  5. Examine the structure of the works.  How is the structure important to understanding the content?
  6. Opposing forces reveal ______.
  7. Explore how the theme of consumption is used.
  8. Explore how characters cope with existing in a sick and dying world.
  9. ____ gives life value. The texts force the reader to contemplate ____.
  10. Select an allusion from each work and explore how it is important to the work as a whole.
  11. Other idea?


Idea Bank for Zoline Only:

  1. This story is [choose one]  a fugue / a baba  a Dada text. Zoline does this to (insert what it enhances). 
  2. This is a feminist text.
  3. This story uses art is used to make social commentary.
  4. This story uses the theme of opposing forces/dualities to develop (what idea).
  5. Paragraph (insert number) can be used to analyze the rest story as (what is being revealed).
  6. This story uses the theme of [choose one] reproduction / mass production / replication / cancer / absorption (insert other) is social commentary.
  7. This world is sick and dying because _____.
  8. This story’s emphasis on color/art/music shows (insert theme).
  9. Sarah Boyle is modern Kali Goddess of Chaos.
  10. Explore patterns / math / number significance.  What is the truth of this text?
  11. Explore one or more other analogy (beyond Entropy/Heat Death) to explore this text as a metaphysical conceit. What previously unlikely comparison allows us to gain new insight? How?
  12. Explore how the theme of consumption is used.
  13. Explore how this is an Absurd text (commentary on the human condition) and how this enhances social commentary (i.e., being forced into a role as housewife).
  14. How / why does Sarah Boyle experience a crisis in identity?
  15. ____ gives life value.
  16. Other idea? The possibilities are endless.