Ms. Gokturk

Trends in Literature


Earth Abides Reading Schedule


As you read, pay attention not only to the content, but also to the vocabulary. Every class, you will be asked to read the next chapters indicated. Please READ ahead whenever possible, especially if you consider yourself a slower reader. There will be reading quizzes to assess your reading. Remember, the best reading is when you are focused. Turn off the TV and music, and ask yourself what you read as you finish each page and section. If you can not mentally summarize what you read, go back and do it again.


Each assignment is 30-40 pages, though it is fast reading. NOTE: if you do read ahead, jot down notes in your NB so you can refresh for the quizzes.


Other assignments will be given but are not listed here with the reading.


Happy Reading!


Part I:

World Without End

  1. Read Chapter 1-2 (pages 3-39).
  2. Read Chapters 3-4 (pages 40-75).
  3. Read Chapters 5-6 (pages 76-103).
  4. Read Chapters 7-Quick Years (pages 104-143)


Part II: The Year 22

JIGSAW READING: You will be asked to read a section and report back to the class


  1. Read Chapters 1-2 (pages 147-183)
  2. Read Chapters 3-4 (pages184-209)
  3. Read Chapters 5-6 (pages 210-241)
  4. Read Chapters 7-8 (pages 242-270)
  5. Read Chapters 9-Quick Years (pages 271-306)


Part III:

The Last American

  1.  Finish the book (pages 309-337)