Ms. Gokturk

Trends in Literature


Earth Abides Analysis: Italicized Segments


GROUP WORK: Get into your groups and analyze the italicized passages in chapter ________.


  1. In your notes, for each italicized section within your chapter, label the page number and summarize the content briefly—what is being described? [Save room for the other chapters to be added.]
  2. Are all the passages consistent with the others in your selection? (Compare and contrast the passages in your chapter. Consider the narrative POV, the mood, the tone, and content.)
  3. Why has Stewart included these segments? What does each do for the narrative?
  4. As a group, examine the other chapters’ italicized sections. Compare them to the chapter you were assigned.



Third Person Omniscient point of view: The narrator may know everything.

Third Person Objective point of view: the narrator may be only able to report on what is seen and heard.

Third Person Limited point of view: the narrator may be able to see the thoughts and feelings of only one character and not the others.

Mood: The feeling created in the reader by a literary work or passage. The way the reader feels when reading a story.


Tone: The author’s emotional attitude towards the characters or the story. For instance, the author may not like the characters, and may make fun of them in a subtle way.  Tone is different from mood because it describes how the author feels about the characters, whereas mood describes how the reader feels when reading the story.