Ms. Gokturk

Trends in Lit

Jigsaw of Earth Abides’ Part II

Project Grade: 100 points


YOUR TASK: Working in groups, you will “teach” a section of the novel. Your group is responsible to have read and presented the section in an interactive lesson. Except for GROUP 6, all students will have NOT have read your section, so you MUST incorporate passages to highlight that help to give the flavor of the section [although Group 6 will do so as well].


You may choose any method to teach the class, but all students[1] in the group must take an equal responsibility for their contribution to the group in the design and presentation of your lesson. Your grade will be a combination of your individual contribution and the group’s success. Divide the tasks at your discretion. You may use PowerPoint, the whiteboard, make visuals, create handouts, and/or whatever it takes for you to teach the section within 15-30 minutes:


  • Present an overview of the section (summary)
  • Emphasize the key moments
  • Portray the characters
  • Analyze symbols
  • Direct our attention to key/interesting/significant passages
  • Develop the theme(s)
  • Raise important questions we should consider
  • Note patterns that emerge or are developed
  • Other?


All students in the class will responsible for the material you present; I will design a large quiz around what you taught. Be sure that your lesson helps direct students to key ideas and thorough note taking.


JIGSAW READING:  Part II: The Year 22

Your group will be asked to read a section and report back to the class. Get started now!


1.       Read Chapters 1-2 (pages 147-183)



2.       Read Chapters 3-4 (pages184-209)



3.       Read Chapters 5-6 (pages 210-241)



4.       Read Chapters 7-8 (pages 242-270)



5.       Read Chapters 9-Quick Years (pages 271-306)


6.       ALL STUDENTS WILL READ THIS PART and be quizzed prior to your lesson: (pages 309-337)



[1] If there is a problem with your group, first try to resolve it with your group. If this doesn’t help, you must see me before your presentation. A student may be “fired” and have to present on their own, but try to avoid this! Problem solve!