Ms. Gokturk

Earth Abides


Group Work: Chapters 1-4


Please answer the following in your journal, labeled CLASS WORK + today’s date. You will also add the other groups’ findings to your notes.  It might be best to divide the work per chapter per group member. All members must have the group’s responses in their notebooks. You will be asked to share your findings with the class.



Why is the hammer important? Find the instances where the hammer is mentioned. Please note the context, quote, and page number. In determining the significance of the hammer, also bring in connotations. Examine how Ish uses the hammer in different ways.



Find the people Ish meets in the first four chapters. Describe each person/group with page numbers. For each, explain why Ish doesn’t stay with them. Use TBE whenever possible.



Examine the italicized passages throughout the first 4 chapters.

What is your theory? What is their purpose or significance? Choose at least 3-4 and summarize the content of each with 1-2 sentences to help support your theory. Don’t be close minded to considering other theories.



Examine how ANIMALS appear throughout the first four chapters. Please note what Ish observes. What is significant about what Ish notes? [see dogs, cats, cattle]



How does the earth abide? Find evidence (with page numbers) of how the “earth abides” in the reading so far (1-4). Why is this important? How do you suppose it helps build theme (Stewart’s message)?



What are some of the obstacles Ish encounters in the first four chapters? No obstacle is too obvious. For each, describe how he overcomes the obstacle.