Evaluating Discussion: A Rubric to Make Sense of It All

Your contribution to class discussions will be graded randomly. You will receive a grade as follows for each class day chosen.


+  4

Contributes frequently

Remarks are always insightful and relevant, building on preceding remarks

Always listens attentively to classmates and teacher

Never interrupts other speakers

Speaks in turn (never dominates or drowns out others)

Never causes distractions

Takes notes as necessary or appropriate without prompting

Helps the discussion progress (arrive at fresh insights and meaningful analysis)

With all of the above habits, helps to raise the level of discussion


√+ 3

Contributes regularly

Consistently offers remarks that are thoughtful and relevant

Usually listens attentively

Generally avoids interrupting

Usually speaks in turn

Never causes distractions

Usually takes notes as necessary, may need prompting

Helps the discussion progress


√ 2

Contributes, but not frequently enough

Remarks may be repetitive or ill-considered.

Listening may be irregular

Interrupts repeatedly

May speak out of turn

May cause distractions on occasion

Takes notes reluctantly or insufficiently, unresponsive to prompting

May make negative comments that damage the conversation



Damaging the discussion with rude behavior or comments

Interrupts or speaks out of turn so much that the discussion disintegrates

Doing something unrelated during the discussion, such as homework for another class

Neglects to take notes, even when prompted

Sleeping during the discussion