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Trends in Literature

Delicatessen (1991)


Black Comedy, or Dark Comedy: in literature and drama, combining the morbid and grotesque with humor and farce to give a disturbing effect and convey the absurdity and cruelty of life.


FOR EACH BELOW: A) How is he/she characterized?   B) What does he/she desire?  C) What stands in his/her way? D) Thematic purpose? How does the character build the film’s message?


Stanley Louison

The newbie, former clown





Julie Clapet

The butcher’s daughter





Clapet the Butcher

Runs building and deli





Connection to outside world




Miss Plusse

Pretty love interest of butcher




Aurore Interligator

Wife of Georges





Georges Interligator

Husband of Aurore





Roger Kube

Makes cow noise makers



Robert Kube

Makes cow noise makers





Mr. Tapioca

Head of family (2 sons, wife, mother in law); peddler




Trogolos / Trogolodistes

Underground network



*Troglodyte = cave dweller



Please write in complete sentences.


  1. Describe the setting of the film.




  1. Describe the mood (dominant impression or emotional atmosphere evoked) of the film.




  1. Explain how sound is important in the film.





  1. What would you say is/are the film’s theme/s?  Explain.





  1. What course motif/s can you identify in the film?  Explain how/why it is used.