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Bio-Ethics Scenarios


Scenario 1

You have the opportunity and ability to genetically create a new animal from two pre-existing ones. Do you do it? Why or why not? If you do, what two animals do you select? Why?





Scenario 2

The pet store is marketing a “build a pet” workshop.  You can order domestic pets to your specifications.  What would you order? Why?





Scenario 3

Your pet is dying and you have the opportunity to keep his/her brain alive in a container with nutrients. This can be attached to a cart with electrodes, and it would be able to move around.  Do you save the brain in this way? Why or why not?





Scenario 4

Same as above except this time it is a loved one.






Scenario 5

Would you eat genetically modified foods? Why or why not?





Scenario 6

You or a loved one is very ill. A new drug has been created through animals’ blood and milk. Do you take it? Why or why not?






Scenario 7

You have the opportunity to save an endangered animal or an extinct animal using cloning techniques. Do you clone the animal? Why or why not?






Scenario 8

New technology allows for you to connect computers to insects and small mammals. You would be able to control them via remote control.  Do you want to try it? Why or why not? Does it make a difference if it is an insect or a mammal?






Scenario 9

You or a loved one need an organ transplant. Would you take one that was from an animal hybrid? Meaning, the animal that had human DNA inserted to grow said organ? Why or why not?





Scenario 10

Same scenario as above but the organ comes from a clone made from your DNA.